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College Prep $15,000 Scholarship Program

The College Money Pros Announce College Prep $15,000 Scholarship Program Available to Families Of Students Entering 9th Grade Regardless of Income Level

Summary:  Dan Evertz, CEO of College Money Pros, announces their College Prep $15,000 Scholarship Program that is available to all families of all income levels.  Students entering their freshman are eligible for the program.

The College Prep $15,000 Scholarship Program, a scholarship tuition program available to all families that can significantly lower their out-of-pocket cost of college and discover how to pay for college without going in debt via parent and student loans.  This tuition scholarship program earns student $5,000.00 for 9th grade, $5,000.00 for 10th grade and $5,000.00 for 11th grade.  This means college-bound students can earn up to $15,000.00 in tuition merit scholarship points redeemable at over 350 Colleges across the country.

The College Money Pro delivers an engaging and information packed program that empowers parents with the knowledge they need to help fund and secure their child’s college graduation. Dan Evertsz is the senior partner at The College Money Pros, where Dan has helped hundreds of working class families get funding for college. Over the last 31 years, Dan has been an expert in the real estate, mortgage and financial services industry. Dan Evertsz is also the community volunteer for the non-profit Power of Working Together Scholarship program – an organization started over 30 years ago by working families who were told they made to much money to qualify for financial assistance. Today the P.O.W.T. program has helped over 30,000 families access millions of dollars of endowment scholarships for college tuition.

To hear more about this exciting program and speak to Dan, click the ORANGE BUTTON “HELP ME DAN”. Once submitted, you will receive a call from Dan within a 48 hours (excluding weekends).


College Funding Appeals – Yes, You Can Adjust Your Financial Aid Package!

Were You Disappointed By The Financial Aid Package Your College Offered?

When it comes to appeals, every step needs to be carefully and accurately done to ensure a successful outcome. You need to have a professional take the time needed to understand your appeal process and how best to approach all elements and win your financial aid appeal.
We handle these frequently and know that each and every appeal needs to be thoroughly and accurately done – find someone with a track record of success in winning appeals.
•    Spreadsheet Up To 3 Award Letters And Professionally Evaluate If Your Offer Was Fair
•    Provide Tested Appeal Letters If You Were Under-Awarded

College Application Success Tip – Use Social Networking Sites

Colleges are now using social networking sites, such as “Facebook”, to try and recruit students by posting pages about their university.  However, many of these same colleges may be looking at YOUR social networking page (Facebook, MySpace, etc…)  to get a better idea about YOU as a candidate for their school.  Just remember to keep this in mind when posting things (comments, pictures, etc…) to your Facebook/MySpace pages.  Just like you may be doing research on the college on these sites…. the college can be doing the same to you!!!

The education experts at Kaplan Test Prep conducted a survey in 2012, of 500 admissions officers from top colleges and learned that roughly 26% visit social networking sites such as Facebook to learn more about applicants and about 27% Googled applicants.

Kaplan Test Prep did another survey in 2013 of 422 admissions officers showed that 31% had searched social media sites like Facebook and 29% Googled applicants.  The trend is definitely increasing.

Tips to clean up your image online:

    •    Delete any photos that put you in an unflattering , such as any photos of you with alcohol.  Even if you were in a situation where it is legal.
•    Remove photos with rude gestures
•    Block any sexually suggestive photo or any photos that portray illegal activities, such as fraternity school pranks.
•    Choose an attractive and professional photo for your profile.
•    Unsubscribe from any groups that show bias, bigotry or promote illegal activities.
•    Put your best foot forward and delete any contact info like your address as that will just come across as poor judgement on your part.
•    Don’t write anything that puts you in an unflattering light
•    Continuously monitor and photos you are tagged in or posts you are mentioned in by others.

Used properly social networking sites can work for you, but the opposite is also true so watch out for anything that could negatively impact your admission process.

Private Student Loans – Why They Create So Much Pressure For Students

Many students turn to alternative private student loans for help paying for college – a move that leaves some observers wondering whether widespread defaults could lead to a crisis similar to that in the sub-prime mortgage market.

Many students will find themselves after graduation under “Student Loan Pressure” – meaning someone around 25 years old may have to wait many years to qualify for a home mortgage because of their high debt load.  Many people have been seduced into thinking that there’s no limit to the debt that they can assume.

Knowing this and seeing what’s been going on in the credit markets, it’s more important than ever to have a proper college funding plan in place.  Our mission is to help you develop a game plan on how to comfortably send all of your children to college while minimizing these private student loans.

College Application Success Tip – Volunteering and Community Service

Volunteering and Community Service Is Something College Admissions Departments Look for When Selecting Students and Granting Aid.

In the fall, with the holiday season upon us and winter break approaching, now is a great time to start thinking about volunteer and community service projects!  Taking up a service project for a few hours, days or weeks will help you to give back to your community helping those in need, but is also a great opportunity for you to discover something new about yourself or learn a new trade.

In addition to building character with on-going volunteering and community service, it shows a commitment that many colleges value and could give your application the extra edge over competition needed to be admitted to the college of your choice.

There are also many scholarships available that are based on community service.

There are numerous ways to start volunteering today:
•    Contact local community organization and see if you can help out
•    Reach out to cultural institutions in your city  as well as libraries, museums or can they point you in a direction if they don’t need help
•    Your cities tourism website may be a great resource  and may even list places to volunteer
•    local newspapers often run ads requesting volunteers

So between spending time with your family, hanging out with your friends, and catching up on some much needed rest and relaxation, take a little time to help those less fortunate than you.

College Funding Strategies – Every Family Is Different

Get Help Creating Your Best College Funding Strategy

When it comes to developing solid college funding strategies, You will need help to make sure you cover all the bases. There are many options and requirements pertaining to college funding and having experienced assistance can make a huge difference between getting funds and not getting funds.

•    Calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
•    Provide Planning Recommendations To Reduce EFC
•    Provide Financial Aid Award Estimates For An Unlimited Number of Schools, & Recommend Additional Schools To Be Considered
•    Provide Recommendations For The Best Way To Pay Your Share Of College Costs
•    Provide Tax-Efficient Borrowing Strategies To Help Keep Financial Goals In Line, Along With Cash Flow Strategies for College Years & Beyond
•    Provide Complete Financial Overview On College, Taxes, Cash Flow, Retirement &  Develop A Plan To Improve Each Area
•    Provide Strategies That Legally Protect Your Savings & Retirement Accounts From The Financial Aid Formulas
•    Provide Strategies On How To Possibly Use Your Home Equity So That It Helps, Rather Than Hurts, In The Financial Aid Formulas
•    Provide Proprietary Tax Scholarship Information

Knowing What To Do And When To Do It, Can Save You Thousands of Dollars and Get You Thousand More Dollars In Financial Aid

College Application Success Tip – Meet Application Deadlines

The most important tip when it comes to college applications is to Meet Deadlines!

As Thanksgiving passes, so do many college application deadlines. This point may be obvious, but sending in your application ahead of the deadline is even better. Demonstrating that you are organized and genuinely interested in the school by having your completed application in early can only help your cause. This will give college admissions officers more time to read and consider your application and will give you time to relax and enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends.

Tips to using time management tools to meet your deadlines:

Ask your important questions and lay out exactly what you need to do.

  • Break down task into small pieces.  Making small bite sized steps to reach your deadline is key.
    • When is the application due?
    • What do you need to print out?
    • Who do you need to contact?
  • Plan ahead.  Now that you have broken down your tasks into small pieces, decide and date when you will do each.  This will keep you on track towards reaching your end goal.
  • Get organized.  Being organized is crucial and with the technology age it allows anyone who is not naturally organized to stay organized.   Let technology do that part for you.  With smartphone, tablets and laptops syncing with Google calendar is a snap and cloud based documents can be shard easily with may collaborators.
  • Be patient with yourself.  Thee more patient you are, the more you can focus. The more you can focus the quicker the results will come!  The reward will come at the end but you could also give yourself rewards through this process to keep you on track.  Maybe at the end of each week or task give yourself a reward to keep you motivated and moving forward.
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