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Bonus Services We Offer Our Clients

In addition to our standard personalized services, as well as our overall college funding solutions and services, we also provide additional “bonus” value added services to help your college experience be the best possible. Our goal in providing these value added services is to make your life a little easier when it comes to college planning and getting money for college.

    •    Sponsor “Client-Only” Teleconferences Throughout the Year For Parents & Students On Topics Ranging From Essay Writing To Admission Tips
•    Provide Easy-To-Use Parent & Student Manuals
•    Provide a Monthly E-Letter To Parents & Students To Keep Them Updated On Everything They Need To Be Aware Of Along The Way With A Weekly College Funding “Tip of the Week”
•    Automatic E-Mails Submitted Monthly To Both Parents & Students On What They Need To Be Doing That Month To Maximize Their College Admissions And Financial Aid Results
•    Personalized  Financial Aid FAQ Page
•    Interactive Online Page For Each Parent / Student
•    Provide Parent / Student Feedback On Specific Colleges
•    Unlimited Support For Parents & Students
•    Bonus Item: Copy Of Our “Student Handbook For Success”
•    Bonus Item: Copy Of Our “College Admissions Boot Camp Handbook”
•    A One-Stop Shop to Always Have Your Questions Answered With Personalized Contact
•    And most important, We Provide “Peace of Mind”

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