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College Money Pros - funding your education
College Money Pros, Scholarships & Financial Aid, San Ramon, CA

Is it possible, for your student to graduate
in 4 years from a respected college,
with a strong, marketable degree and
have low debt?

Even if your family has a six figure income?

Would you like to find out?

Right now, we're offering a series of three information packed workshops with vital information for EVERY family who wants to send their child to college.

Your family needs this information before starting to
apply for college and financial aid!

Free Workshop 1

The 10 Deadliest Mistakes That MOST Parents Make When Applying For College Funding.

These mistakes can cost you:

  • Many thousands of dollars in lost funding.
  • Many thousands in student loan debt.
  • Access to the best degree program for your child's education.

Free Workshop 2

Timing Is Everything - What To Do And When

Once you miss these financial aid opportunities, they are gone.  Learn about:

  • Costs of waiting.
  • Costs of not understanding the process (very expensive).
  • Missing out on additional scholarship money.
  • Missing out on entire categories of financial aid.