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College Money Pros “High School Senior Last Chance Package”

This package provides you with one-on-one coaching, help and support with your college administrative filings, as well as assistance with the development of your overall college funding plan.

Initial Consultation And Strategy Session
As a result of your one-on-one assessment and strategy session with Dan, we will begin with discovering where you’re at currently and where you can go by evaluating your:
- Student’s GPA,         
- Student’s scores,
- Student’s extracurricular activities, internship possibilities and volunteer/community service.
- Student’s career interest and major, and,
- Your family’s financial picture to develop a “College Affordability Profile.”

Student Evaluation And College Selection
College Money Pros will also provide your family guidance and utilize your parent and student evaluations to help you in several ways:
-  We help your student refine a career path that will serve them best and narrow down what major to choose.
-  Based on your profile, we help you and your student apply to the best-fit schools, with the stronger degrees, even if your student has already applied to some other schools.
-  We will help you develop your “College Action Plan” and from that, you will better know your options on how different schools stack up, and how you can both save money and get more money for college.

Documents And Applications
-  College Money Pros will also coach and assist you with document organization and financial aid applications.
-  We will help your family with reviewing your last-minute college applications and with the completions of your “FAFSA” and “CSS Profile” forms.  This is in order to expedite their correct completion (mistakes are VERY costly!) and ensure you meet your deadlines.
-  Last minute college applications review... We will look at your student’s college applications, in order to suggest ways your student can appear as appealing as possible, despite their last-minute status.

Wrap Up And College Funding Plan
College Money Pros will help you to quickly turn things around, getting you and your student ready for the best school, based on your student’s interest- and aptitude-centered career choice and your family’s college affordability profile.

With your completed “College Action Plan,” you will no longer feel overwhelmed and confused.  We’ve helped hundreds of families, one-on-one, who have also waited until their student’s senior year. You CAN achieve a much clearer, affordable and positive outcome, as well as help with choosing a career path that will best serve your student’s future.

We know insider college selection and financing options not known to the general public. These strategies and techniques are trustworthy and they are designed to get your student, not just into college, but all the way through. You CAN avoid decimating your family’s assets and you CAN bypass you and your student accumulating a large balloon of debt.

It’s sad, but today, millions of families and students, even if they make it through college to graduation, are starting their career and adult life with a mountain of debt and feeling terrible about having to postpone their parents’ retirement.

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