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How To Get Your High School Senior Into College Before It's Too Late...

Is it too late for your high school senior to get enrolled at a good college?

Will They Be Pursuing a marketable degree?
... And are they on track to  graduate in 4 years, without being burdened by a massive balloon of student loan debt?

We ALWAYS encourage families to start much earlier than their student’s senior year of high school to plan for college and begin accumulating funds, but not everyone does this…  We still want to help!

One Hour Consult

"I'm not sure how much help I need or where to start."

Who this is for?

  • Parents who are very busy and need to delegate;
  • Late start, average grades, average test scores;
  • And parents with multiple students.

Who this is not for?

  • Student is currently in 8th to 10th grade;
  • Student has low grades and doesn't care about going to college.


You will find out if it is too late and, if not, where to start right now, either with our help or with a mostly "do-it-yourself" program.

H.S. Senior Last Chance Package

"My family needs or wants individualized and private help."

Who this is for?

  • Higher income families;
  • Student is accepted into a college but family needs substantial financial aid;
  • Good grades and good test scores but aren't sure which college is right for their student;

Who this is not for?

  • Student is currently in 8th to 10th grade;
  • Student has low grades and doesn't care about college.


Note:  The amount from the "One Hour Consult" service can be applied to the "Senior Last Chance" package, making the total come to:  $1695.


A mostly "Do It Yourself" program for families who want to save money but still get guidance and help.

Who this is for?

  • Families who have their financial documents up-to-date;
  • Student has good grades and good test scores.

Who this is not for?

  • Student is currently in 8th to 10th grade;
  • Families who are unable to concentrate on this for the full five weeks of the series;
  • Higher Income families with more complex financial situations.


Are you here with your student ALREADY ACCEPTED into a College or University? ... but you have to find more money to pay for it? We can help! Click here to learn more.

Wrapping things up and realizing you need to find a LOT more money? 
Schedule a one-hour review and consultation with Dan Evertsz, the College Money Pro.

College Money Pros "One Hour Consult"

If you have already been preparing and your High School Senior is already accepted into college, a short visit with Dan may be all the help you need.

He can take a look at your student’s academic preparation and your family’s financial situatio.  Then, Dan can give you a rough estimate of what you can realistically obtain, in terms of additional financial aid, from the school your student has applied to--and he can suggest other programs.  Dan can also, if needed, give you some quick tips to advise you on other school possibilities and your FAFSA preparation, in order to maximize aid for your student so you can reduce the amount of money your family must contribute toward college costs.

If you need more extensive help, College Money Pros will apply the cost of the one hour consultation toward the deeper work in the "Last Chance Senior Package."

Is your family just starting the process in your student’s senior year? 
We have two options.

Your first choice, is a personalized, private package that is faster and more detailed, itincludes help with filling out your family’s forms and much more. This is especially important if your family has a higher income but can’t afford to foot the huge college bill that is coming.  Check out the College Money Pros “Last Chance Senior Package.”

Your second option is the Get More Money for College “Senior Slam.”  This is a 5-workshop series that goes over the key areas that you MUST get up to speed on very quickly.  It is available “Live,” once each year, and the pre-recorded version is available after the live sessions are finished, so you can be sure you have the most up-to-date information.

College Money Pros “High School Senior Last Chance Package”

This package provides you with one-on-one coaching, help and support with your college financial and administrative filings, as well as assistance with the development of your overall college funding plan.

Initial Consultation And Strategy Session

As a result of your one-on-one assessment and strategy session with Dan, we will begin with discovering your current status and your potential for getting additional financial aid by evaluating the following:

- Student’s GPA;

- Student’s scores;

- Student’s extracurriculars, internship possibilities and volunteer/community service;

- Student’s career interest and major, and;

- Your family’s financial picture.

These are used to develop your “College Affordability Profile” and this gives College Money Pros what's needed to determine the best, most appropriate solutions for your student and your family.

Student Evaluation And College Selection

College Money Pros will also provide your family guidance and utilize your parent and student evaluations to help you in several ways:

- We help your student refine a career path that will serve them best and narrow down what major to choose.

- Based on your family's "College Affordability Profile," we help you and your student compare and apply to additional "best-fit" schools, with strong degree programs and more generous financial aid offerings.  Even if your student has already applied to other schools, you would be surprised at the hidden options available that aren't publicized.

- We will help you develop your “College Action Plan” so you can better know your options on how different schools stack up, have a clear step-by-step list of things to do so you can both save money and get more money for college.

Documents And Applications

College Money Pros will also coach and assist you with document organization and financial aid applications:

-  We will help your family with reviewing your last-minute college applications and with the completions of your “FAFSA” and “CSS Profile” forms. This is in order to expedite their correct completion (mistakes are VERY costly!) and ensure you meet upcoming deadlines.

Last minute college applications review
We will look at your student’s college applications, in order to suggest ways your student can appear as appealing as possible, despite their last-minute status.

Wrap Up And College Funding Plan

College Money Pros will help you to quickly turn things around, getting you and your student ready for the best school, based on your student’s interest and aptitude-centered career choice, as well as your family’s "College Affordability Profile."

With your completed “College Action Plan,” you will no longer feel overwhelmed and confused.  We’ve helped thousands of families, one-on-one, who have also waited until their student’s senior year.  You CAN achieve a much clearer, affordable and positive outcome, as well as help with choosing a career path that will best serve your student’s future.

We know insider college selection and financing options, which are not known to the general public.  These strategies and techniques are trustworthy and they are designed to get your student, not just into college, but all the way through college. You CAN avoid decimating your family’s financial assets and you CAN bypass a situation where you and your student accumulate a large balloon of debt.

It’s sad, but today millions of families and students, even if they make it through college to graduation, are starting their career and adult life with a mountain of debt and feeling terrible about having to postpone their parents’ retirement.

One-time investment of $1995 for the "High School Senior Last Chance Package"

Does your family have a Senior and other younger students? 

"Get More Money For College" (GMMFC) offers a Senior Slam upgrade ($397) to our all-access family membership ($97 per month).

If your oldest student is a high school senior, we do not advise you to enroll in Get More Money For College by itself for two reasons:

First, the time you have to get things together is VERY limited and even a week’s delay can cause you to miss key deadlines.

Secondly, there are many, many details and longer-term student preparations that can help you get very large financial aid packages, IF your student is younger AND your family follows through on our recommendations.

Starting late when your child is already a senior, you’ve already missed some key deadlines and the amount of money available to you is more limited. You need the packages specifically designed for seniors so you maximize what you can still possibly qualify for.

GMMFC “Senior SLAM Live”


-  5 one-hour online workshops with Q & A.
-  As a special introductory bonus, you will also receive a 5 year access pass to Get More Money For College's (GMMFC's) “$2 Billion-Plus Scholarship Area.”
-  Plus, you will receive a 5 year access pass to the current "FAFSA Workshop & FAFSA Resources" ($197 value!) on GMMFC.
(Note:  Beyond your student's high school senior year, these resources can continue to help them throughout their first four years of college.

Included ONLY for the first 25 families to enroll, you will receive our "Secret Scholarship Report" (a $149 Value by itself), profiling up to 10 Colleges or Universities of your choice.  Even with a short window of application time, this report will help to narrow selection down to schools that are more likely to help your student succeed.  This can be especially helpful as a tool for helping your student find information about available merit scholarships and other financial aid.

Workshops and Q&A are broadcast on Saturdays, beginning January 2nd, 2016, and running through January 30th.  Replay access is provided for those who miss live sessions or enroll after the series begins. 
The online sessions are scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific  and each session will be approximately 60 minutes long.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Week 1

-  Learn why it may not be too late for your senior to get into a good college without putting everyone into high debt.
-  Figure out the careers, the majors and the schools that are the best fit for your student.- Discover why the college "Name & Ratings Game" doesn't serve your student or your family.
-  Know who NOT to listen to when it comes to school selection, because it could cost your family many thousands, and could also set your student up with an unjustified level of debt for their career choice.
-  Find out what resources are still available to you if you're late to the college preparation process.
-  Learn what documents and information to gather and organize, so you can prepare to complete the FAFSA application in January.

Week 2

-  Out of State? In State? Private? ... How to best refine your list of schools in time for the FAFSA.
- Discover how to evaluate your “Secret Scholarship Report” for selecting the schools that are most likely to give you the best 4 year financial help.
 ... Why is this important?
First, your student can finish their degree in 4 years (extra years are EXPENSIVE).
Second, many schools prey upon last minute students with flattery and offering generous financial aid packages to get them enrolled. Credits often don’t transfer out and your student will be forced to stay with no additional financial aid “sweeteners.” To avoid losing the credits they’ve earned, students are forced to continue at the expensive school on loans, seeing no additional financial aid after that first year. BIG TRAP.
- Learn our key college application tactics so your student can make their best impression in applying to a college or university.
- Learn to predict what funding resources are realistically still available for your student at this late stage.

Week 3

-  Learn specialized FAFSA strategies to help last minute seniors maximize their aid eligibility.
-  Discover why the FAFSA is critical and how you can use it to lower your family's costs for college.
-  Know your FAFSA output numbers and how schools will use them.
-  Review to make sure you are using the correct documents for the correct sections in the FAFSA, so as to avoid overvaluing assets and triggering audits. Complicated?  Yes it is, however, not with our help!
-  Learn what other mistakes to avoid on the FAFSA so you can save a lot of money during your student's college years.
-  See how to complete the FAFSA application, step-by-step, which is required for all incoming college students.  Knowing how to fill it out, using the correct calculations and asset valuations, can make a difference of many thousands of dollars in available aid and reduced expenses, each and every year.

Week 4

-  What to do after the award letters are received from the colleges.
-  Know how to interpret and use the award letters.
-  You are probably going to be surprised, and not in a good way, about how expensive things really are…
-  Know how you can work with the schools to bring your costs down--AFTER your student receives the acceptance letters.
-  In this workshop, we’ll go over some final strategies for enrollment and course completion results your student needs for a marketable degree.  This will help keep them on track and reduce expenses. We want to see your student graduate in 4 years, not 6 or more!
-  Learn ways to prepare your student and incentivize them to make ongoing good decisions.

Week 5

-  Review and extended Q & A.
-  An online group forum is available throughout the Senior SLAM workshop series and for a full month thereafter. We are here to help you! Asking questions and sharing wins, which can help other families who have come across a similar situation or haven’t anticipated that situation yet for themselves.
-  Bonus: We will give you some tips for searching the scholarship area to discover grants and scholarships, which are still available to them (though more limited) after their college freshman year.  And remember, you will receive ongoing access to the FAFSA workshops and the scholarship list for the next 5 years!

Starts January 2 and goes through January 31, 2016.

$497, Limited to 50 Families. Live Worskops are only offered once each year.