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Workshop 3 - Is It Possible? See These Real Life Examples!

What kinds of financial aid packages could your family qualify for?

We show real life examples in the Advanced Workshop 3 that is applicable to your situation. (Parent Evaluation required)

Can Your Student Graduate From College With Low Debt or No Debt?

How To Find Out:

1. Best Way? Spend an hour with Dan - He can set you on the right path for your family and student.
What happens during your One Hour Consultation?

During your one hour consultation, Dan will evaluate your student and family’s potential for getting maximum school placement preferences, as well as customized financial aid and merit award eligibility.

Dan evaluates your student’s potential for:
- The Best Possible Placement For Your Student
- Financial Packages--The Highest Amounts For Merit Awards, Financial Assistance & Cost Savings

At the end of your consultation session, Dan will be able to give your family recommendations for things you can do yourself.  You will also receive a quote for a College Money Pros package, tailored to your family’s needs and goals.

Dan’s ultimate outcome for you is to help create a plan of action that will get your student into a great college or university, graduated from that school within 4 years, and all with very low to zero student loan debt.

This program is normally $300, however, Dan is offering it to you for a limited time for $149.00.  You must prepay to add yourself to Dan’s schedule to get this discount and reserve your session.

Start As Early As Possible! The Amount of Help Is Limited If You Wait!

2. Take the Confidential College Readiness Quiz
For now and later - get the College Readines Checklist.

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