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Get Started NOW - Don't wait to find out what your family can do to get thousands more dollars in savings and financial aid.

What happens during your One Hour Consultation?

During your one hour consultation, Dan will evaluate your student and family’s potential for getting maximum school placement preferences, as well as customized financial aid and merit award eligibility.

Dan evaluates your student’s potential for:
- The Best Possible Placement For Your Student
- Financial Packages: The Highest Amounts For... Merit Awards, Financial Assistance & Cost Savings

At the end of your consultation session, Dan will be able to give your family recommendations for things you can do yourself. You will also receive a College Money Pros package, tailored to your family’s needs and goals.

Dan’s ultimate outcome for you is to help create a plan of action that will get your student into a great college or university, graduated from that school within 4 years and all with very low to zero student loan debt.

This program is normally, $300 but Dan is offering it to you for a limited time for $149.00...You must prepay to add yourself to Dan’s schedule to get this discount and reserve your session.

What Services Does College Money Pros Offer Students and Families?

Your family probably won’t need all of these services but we want you to see that this really is a one-stop college-funding solution. So what we are offering here is a special one-hour family consultation and student assessment.

1.) Career Assessment Suite of Tools This robust college planning tool uses the Career Cruising's Transitions unique profiling system that will help your students learn more about themselves and find colleges where they would be most successful. Additional tools include Career Finder, Interest Profiler, Basic Skills Survey, School finder and Resume Personal Statement; an online SAT and ACT test prep service. - Student Quarterly Monthly Coaching With Planner- Online meetings with your planner to review student progress, next steps and task needed. Student has full access with planner on a need basis.

2.) Individualized College List: This detailed report identifies 20 schools that are a “good fit” for the student’s academic major, learning style, and GPA/test scores. Information regarding student-faculty ratio, acceptance rates, freshman retention, 4 year graduation rates, standardized test scores, total cost-of-attendance, and average amount of money provided to families, and tuition discounts is compiled into this comprehensive report.

3.) Targeted Scholarship List: This extensive report will detail each scholarship available to your student through the institutions listed on the college list we prepare, the monetary value, whether it is a renewable or one-time scholarship, the requirements for each scholarship, the deadlines for each award and the website where the student can access the application for each one. This alone will save the family countless hours searching for legitimate scholarship opportunities.

4.) Aid Eligibility Comparison Report: This report will show your calculated EFC and the award history of up to 5 different colleges in a head-to-head format, and forecast your out-of-pocket expense at each. This report could save you thousands of dollars in errant assumptions about the true cost of college. Additional reports can include a detailed EFC projection for both the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE.

5.) College Funding Plan: This process will provide you with a projection of your financial readiness to pay for college. Without this knowledge, parents routinely OVERSPEND on college and find out too late that they have delayed or destroyed their retirement dreams. Our roadmap will provide you with the path to pay for college without depleting your savings or delaying your retirement.

6.) College Cash Flow™ Analysis & Recommendations: Changes in a family's financial structure may result in greater financial aid eligibility or “tax scholarships”. This analysis will show the specific changes and the positive impact resulting from implementing various strategies. This report demonstrates the value of the recommendations and can allow the parent(s) an opportunity to make informed decisions. We will get all your children through college in a comfortable manner without destroying your savings or delaying your retirement.

7.) Financial Aid Form Filing We will assist you with the necessary financial information, guide you through securing your PINs from the Dept. of Education, pre-populate your forms and review everything for your approval. Once you give us the green light, we will set up an online appointment and guide you through the entire process including the CSS Profile if necessary. Included will be a FAFSA & CSS Profile Answer Key. We will also address any follow up requests or DRN process.

8.) Award Letter Overview We will help you understand the award letters and guide you through any appeals processes if and when applicable.

This also includes the College Financial Plan, Student Counseling, Personalized Private Student Interview, Support through all years in High School, Administrative Filing for Senior Year in High School, all Administrative Filing for all years in college, PLUS loan negotiations and appeals, career counselor, and this package also includes the following:

More Services Available Individually

Career Assessment & Consultation - Scientifically targets your student’s “best fit” career path(s), majors and colleges, measures 77 different scores revealing clear direction about careers suited for the students careers/majors that play to a student’s strengths. Educates kids on their stress triggers and “hard wired” needs. Saves $$$ by avoiding endless majors changes and college transfers. $500.00 Value (Also available as a stand alone service à la carte)

College Admission Essay/Personal Statement Coaching The counseling process will include initial instructions via email, Skype, Facetime and a live coaching session with your assigned coach. They may be required to do homework so task will be completed by start of the senior year if possible. Deadline for scholarships, financial aid & applications must be strictly followed. Getting in the habit of meeting all deadlines will ensure all steps in the college application process are met in a timely manner. Counseling program is optional. $600.00 Value (Also available as a stand alone service à la carte)

We're here to help you decide and to customize your package if needed.

The College Admissions Senior Boot Camp
The live admissions boot camp will be hosted by our admissions counselor. We will provide a complete overview of the admissions process including overview of CSU, U.C. and Common Application for private schools. The boot camp is mandatory for all seniors.
The following topics will be covered:
- Seniors Admissions Boot Camp - what you should be doing right now and in the next 6 months.
- Admission Applications: Common Application, Universal Application, Private Applications, Essays, Prompts for Scholarships and Admissions, review and critique of “Letters of Recommendation” and Transcripts, SAT/ACT testing information and tips, Choosing a College and Tips for College Visits, as well as Personal Interviews. Boot Camp is a $500.00 Value (Also available as a stand alone service à la carte)

College Essay Program Our coaches will help you develop an essay that will improve your chances of being admitted to the school of your choice. Up to three different options available.$500.00 Value (Also available as a stand alone service à la carte)

Your family probably won’t need all of these services but we want you to see that this really is a one-stop college-funding solution. So what we are offering here is a special one-hour family consultation and student assessment.

Get Started NOW- There really is a limited window of time to get
all this done.
Once your student starts college, there is very little funding available in scholarships and tuition reductions.