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Congratulation! You are making the wise decision to start early, this greatly increase the chances of getting better college choice and larger financial aid packages. You're also in the $50,000 to $150,000 family income range.

Many more scholarships and aid programs are offered for families in your situation, but you still need to start early and make extra efforts too maximize your results.

We think there is a very good chance that you will be able to get great results with the Get More Money For College Family Resource Site. This program goes through all the key focus areas we work with our College Money Pros clients in, but it is done at your own pace. You will also be able to find more scholarships in our $2 Billion Plus Scholarship[ database that is available to our members.

Some Cautions:

  • If your student is in Middle School to Grade 10 decides to pursue a graduate or post-graduate degree, you may want to consider College Money Pros.. Competition for acceptance in these programs is fierce and they must have top grades and test scores, starting in 9th Grade. Remember, top schools may only accept 15% of applicants and the average test scores and grades are very high.
  • If you have multiple children and one or more of them want to pursue a Professional degree, you may want to consider College Money Pros. Even starting early, keeping everyone on track and excelling at their individual aptitudes and strengths is challenging. We have ways to work with each child to monitor their progress and participation as the prepare during all four years of high school.

You need to see the real-life examples to fully understand what we may be able to do together. This is why we've created Workshop 3.  We only show it to families who are serious about getting more college funding. You will see some financial aid packages that most people have never heard of and how even Six Figure families can get a LOT of financial aid.

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Bonus Workshop!  There are things your student MUST do to get maximum aid and placement in a competitive degree program or career path. We have plans and tools and decision making exercises that will keep them on track, more focused on their goals and still allow them to enjoy those high school years. Their Student Evaluation needs to be finished before you get this Bonus Workshop.