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Student Progress Check-Ins

We're going to be sending you a series of emails that will explain and remind you to complete certain tasks OR to register for and attend college preparation events.

  1. You must regularly check and open your email. The messages are too long for us to send by text message.
  2. When you complete the task or register for the event, we will send you to a progress page where you will sign in for the next step.
  3. You will get another email when it is time to take the next step. If you do not do this step by step you will miss deadlines and opportunists to get more money for college. We can't go back and fix these missing links, once you graduate or stop.  The chances to get additional thousands of dollars in funding become MUCH more difficult.

Follow Through On A Little, Get Low Test Scores and Procrastinate

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$4,258.67 Scholarships and Funding

Follow Through On A Lot, Get High Test Scores and Apply For Scholarships Every Week

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$264,964.25 Scholarships and Funding

Numbers are EXAMPLES ONLY. We can't guarantee or claim
that you will get any funding amounts.