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College Application Success Tip – Use Social Networking Sites

Colleges are now using social networking sites, such as “Facebook”, to try and recruit students by posting pages about their university.  However, many of these same colleges may be looking at YOUR social networking page (Facebook, MySpace, etc…)  to get a better idea about YOU as a candidate for their school.  Just remember to keep this in mind when posting things (comments, pictures, etc…) to your Facebook/MySpace pages.  Just like you may be doing research on the college on these sites…. the college can be doing the same to you!!!

The education experts at Kaplan Test Prep conducted a survey in 2012, of 500 admissions officers from top colleges and learned that roughly 26% visit social networking sites such as Facebook to learn more about applicants and about 27% Googled applicants.

Kaplan Test Prep did another survey in 2013 of 422 admissions officers showed that 31% had searched social media sites like Facebook and 29% Googled applicants.  The trend is definitely increasing.

Tips to clean up your image online:

    •    Delete any photos that put you in an unflattering , such as any photos of you with alcohol.  Even if you were in a situation where it is legal.
•    Remove photos with rude gestures
•    Block any sexually suggestive photo or any photos that portray illegal activities, such as fraternity school pranks.
•    Choose an attractive and professional photo for your profile.
•    Unsubscribe from any groups that show bias, bigotry or promote illegal activities.
•    Put your best foot forward and delete any contact info like your address as that will just come across as poor judgement on your part.
•    Don’t write anything that puts you in an unflattering light
•    Continuously monitor and photos you are tagged in or posts you are mentioned in by others.

Used properly social networking sites can work for you, but the opposite is also true so watch out for anything that could negatively impact your admission process.

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