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College Prep $15,000 Scholarship Program

The College Money Pros Announce College Prep $15,000 Scholarship Program Available to Families Of Students Entering 9th Grade Regardless of Income Level

Summary:  Dan Evertz, CEO of College Money Pros, announces their College Prep $15,000 Scholarship Program that is available to all families of all income levels.  Students entering their freshman are eligible for the program.

The College Prep $15,000 Scholarship Program, a scholarship tuition program available to all families that can significantly lower their out-of-pocket cost of college and discover how to pay for college without going in debt via parent and student loans.  This tuition scholarship program earns student $5,000.00 for 9th grade, $5,000.00 for 10th grade and $5,000.00 for 11th grade.  This means college-bound students can earn up to $15,000.00 in tuition merit scholarship points redeemable at over 350 Colleges across the country.

The College Money Pro delivers an engaging and information packed program that empowers parents with the knowledge they need to help fund and secure their child’s college graduation. Dan Evertsz is the senior partner at The College Money Pros, where Dan has helped hundreds of working class families get funding for college. Over the last 31 years, Dan has been an expert in the real estate, mortgage and financial services industry. Dan Evertsz is also the community volunteer for the non-profit Power of Working Together Scholarship program – an organization started over 30 years ago by working families who were told they made to much money to qualify for financial assistance. Today the P.O.W.T. program has helped over 30,000 families access millions of dollars of endowment scholarships for college tuition.

To hear more about this exciting program and speak to Dan, click the ORANGE BUTTON “HELP ME DAN”. Once submitted, you will receive a call from Dan within a 48 hours (excluding weekends).


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