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College Money Pros is the number one College Planning firm in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area as well as nationwide. Our experts are just that: EXPERTS at helping families pay less for college. For the past ten years, our experienced financial professionals will mentor parents and their students through the complicated maze of the college planning and funding.

We provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to the paying for college as well as helping your family access financial aid & merit scholarships. Our goal is to make college affordable for families of all income levels including middle to high income parents who’ve been told they make too much money to qualify. As parents of high school and college students, we understand the challenges parents face during this complicated process. We know this process can result in many sleepless nights. Let the professionals at College Money Pros become your sleeping pill. Call us today to schedule your strategy session.


We Are Experienced College Funding and Planning Specialists

To save and pay for college, a College Money Pros College Planning and Funding Advisor can help make a college education an affordable reality. Your College Planning and Funding Advisor also has the expertise to help you develop the best plan possible and make the best financial choices for you and your family.

Assisting Your Whole Family Is Our Priority

We offer a comprehensive approach to college planning and student counseling. Our staff members are highly experienced and ready to advise in all areas of college life and college financing. Avoid the many obstacles that often hinder those new to the process involved with completing a college education.

We also take the financial needs and priorities of parents into consideration. You need to protect your retirement savings, home and nest egg.

Helping You Understand Your Funding Options And How To Make The Best College Choice Decisions

When it comes to developing a solid college funding strategy, College Money Pros helps you cover all the bases. There are many options and requirements pertaining to college planning services and college funding. Having experienced assistance makes the difference between getting funding and not getting funding.

Bonus Services

In addition to our standard personalized services, we also provide additional “bonus” value added services to help your college experience be the best possible.

Our goal in providing these value added services is to make your life a little easier when it comes to college planning and getting money for college.

We also have some special In-State programs and standalone career counseling and grant earning programs that give early planners a big funding advantage.

You Can Appeal Your Financial Aid Package - We Can Help

Changes in marital or job status, recent moves or incorrect applications done on your own can end in getting a financial aid package that is thousands less than what you qualify for. Get an appeal!

When it comes to appeals, every step needs to be carefully and accurately done to ensure a successful outcome. We take the time needed to understand your appeal process and how best to approach it to help you win. 

Solutions For Every Budget

We have some free materials and workshops for low-income families who often can get financial aid fairly easily if grades and test scores are good.

We have counseling packages and our family resource site for mid-income families who want to do it themselves for the most part.

We can often help even high-income families get substantial levels of financial aid. Personalized counseling is often the best option for more complex financial situations.

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